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26 Bite-Size Goals for learning SOLID in 2024

Kick-off your new year skill-learning goals with this easy to follow list of 26 bite-size tips for learning SOLID.

Our list covers everything from how to get started on the SOLID platform, through to understanding how Tickets work and the future of ISP software. [there are some great free downloads too].

SOLID is used by a number of ISPs in South Africa/Africa. So having a good working knowledge of the platform is greatly beneficial both in your existing role, and for any potential roles you may hold in the future.

Learning SOLID

New to SOLID? Start Here:

  • The Basics

    • What is Automation?
    • The Benefits of Automation
    • What is SOLID?
  • Core Concepts

    • Products
    • Master Account
    • Contracts
  • How to Configure a New Product

    • Create a Charge
    • Create a Product
    • Create a Promo Code
SOLID Roadmap for 2024

SOLID Roadmap for 2024

Embark on the journey of innovation with the SOLID Roadmap for 2024 – Your sneak peek into the future of tech!