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26 Bite-Size Goals for learning SOLID in 2022

Kick-off your new year skill-learning goals with this easy to follow list of 26 bite-size tips for learning SOLID.

Our list covers everything from how to get started on the SOLID platform, through to understanding how Tickets work and the future of ISP software. [there are some great free downloads too].

SOLID is used by a number of ISPs in South Africa/Africa. So having a good working knowledge of the platform is greatly beneficial both in your existing role, and for any potential roles you may hold in the future.

26 Bite-Size Goals for learning SOLID in 2021

New to SOLID? Start Here:

  • The Basics

    • What is Automation?
    • The Benefits of Automation
    • What is SOLID?
  • Core Concepts

    • Products
    • Master Account
    • Contracts
  • How to Configure a New Product

    • Create a Charge
    • Create a Product
    • Create a Promo Code