CBC Netcoms

Nigerian ISP Goes SOLID

As a rapidly growing Nigerian FWB (Fixed Wireless broadband) and VSAT (Ka Broadband) provider, CBC Netcomms needed a business automation solution to support their growing operations. With a focus on scalability, CBC Netcomms wanted their automation solution to comfortably handle automatic provisioning and network changes.

SOLIDitech will work with CBC Netcomms to fulfill their objectives by leveraging the SOLID Business Automation platform.

SOLID consists of a series of abstract models for each functional area, which are then configured to suit your business rules and requirements. SOLID automates the entire customer lifecycle from Lead Management, through to Provisioning, Billing and Customer Support.

About CBC Netcomms


CBC Netcomms

CBC NETCOMMS, a subsidiary of CBC EMEA. CBC (City Business Computers) was established in 1984 and later metamorphosed into CBC EMEA with different subsidiaries.

CBC NetComms – a Systems Integrator and licensed Internet Service Provider offers a broad range of Services and Products that suit Individuals, Educational Institutions, Small and Medium Enterprise as well as Corporate bodies in Nigeria.

For more about CBC Netcomms, visit: http://cbcnetcomms.com/