New Feature: Issue Tracker Upgrade

New Feature


We’ve made a few improvements to the Issue Tracker so please check out the guidelines below and you should be on your way to tracking issues like never before!


When creating, editing or viewing an issue, please take note of the new Assignee drop-down.
  • This field is for the person who is working on the issue, such as the developer.
  • This is not to be confused with the ticket-owner. The ticket-owner automatically allocates to the last person who edits the ticket, and can be found under the Updated By field.


In the image above, you can see that an issue’s Assignee can be easily allocated from the dashboard.



We’ve also added a new Comments section.
  • This is used for ongoing comments about the issue.
  • Please be sure to use this field for comments and not the Description section. The original issue description should never be removed/edited.
  • The Test Comments area should only be used to give insight to the tester when releasing an issue for testing.

Tabbed Issue Filters


Finally, we’ve condensed the dashboard into a shorter page by adding a Tabbed Layout.
  • This is quicker and easier than loading a new page for each filter.
  • Please note that the dashboard page needs to be refreshed in the browser for a modified issue to be placed under the appropriate tab.
  • You can still find the original filter pages on the sidebar.

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy the new features!


* Please note: Note that all features indicated on SOLID Help are available in SOLID core. They may however not be enabled on your specific configuration. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.