SOLID Source | 🌭 26 Bite-Size Goals for learning SOLID in 2023


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Recent Updates to your SOLID Platform

We have successfully upgraded our CI/CD platform and are now running on the latest TeamCity 2022.10 version on AWS architecture.

Our new build server cluster consists of 10 build server nodes with an AWS controller and 9 build agents using the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs sporting 108 high speed CPU cores, 576 GB of RAM and 4.6 Terabytes of super-fast NVMe SSD storage.

This means that our developers are now able to run SOLID builds a lot faster, with more concurrent build agents.

What this means for you: Faster development time, improved automated testing and enhanced productivity.

Learn some SOLID Basics in bite-size chunks

Learning a new skill, or honing an existing skill is typically high on goal-lists for the beginning of a new year, and this year is no different.

Although many of us would love to perfect the art of looking attentive in online meetings – we’d like to turn your attention to a platform that is essential for the running of your business, but that you might not (yet) fully understand – SOLID.

How to Log a Support Request

Even the best of us need help sometimes. For answers that can’t be found on SOLID Help, this post has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to log a support request ticket.

How to Log a Support Request

Customer’s ‘Master Account’ is the entity created to identify each logical customer on the system. It presents sub-sets of customer data. This piece fills you in on what it all means.

Some Sexy SOLID Stats for January 2023

Merge Requests


Code Changes


CI/CD Builds