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SOLID is all about making your life easier and your repetitive tasks quicker – so you can enjoy the finer things in life – like some extra TIME. Who doesn’t need more of that – am I right??

So – we have dedicated this issue of the SOLID Source to all the little things in SOLID that help to streamline your day. We remove additional clicks and show you some SOLID hacks – giving you what you need, when you need it (we’ve got your back!)

Quick Search ⏩

Make your searches [quicker] with SOLID’s ‘Quick Search’ bar. Use a set of fancy prefix’s combined with 3 or more characters to find exactly what you’re looking for, in record time.

'My History' 📑

Less about your family tree and more about being able to revisit something you were working on a moment (or 2 or 3) ago. The ‘My History’ feature offers a shortcut to your past admin access action history.

Your Favourite Modules ⭐

Modules for everyone! Which is great, until you have a loooooong list. Being able to ‘favourite’ your most commonly used ones makes for some fancy keyboard work and a smoother workflow.

Dashing Dashboards 📊

Your SOLID Dashboard is chock-full of useful, insightful and essential information. Make sure you can see exactly what you need by personalising your display.

Get Support - STAT

We’re ready and waiting to give you world-class Support. To get to the heart of what you need, we’ll often as you some questions.

This guide tells you everything you need to know to log a Support Ticket like a total pro.

18 Typical Business Processes that can be Automated to Save ‘Mega Time’

Reclaim your time by automating the *right* processes

Financial Management, Customer Service, Marketing, and HR are where automation can bring about significant efficiencies. But where to begin? To give you a kick-start, we’ve compiled this list of typical processes that, when automated, can save you some mega time.

How to Log a Support Request

Even the best of us need help sometimes. For answers that can’t be found on SOLID Help, this post has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to log a support request ticket.

How to Log a Support Request

Customer’s ‘Master Account’ is the entity created to identify each logical customer on the system. It presents sub-sets of customer data. This piece fills you in on what it all means.

Some Sexy SOLID Stats for May 2023

Merge Requests


Code Changes


CI/CD Builds