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How to search for a Ticket

There are a number of ways to search in SOLID. This SOLID Help article shows you how to use each of them to search for a Ticket.

Beyond 123456: Practical Tips To Creating Strong Passwords

Data is arguably one of today’s most valuable commodities, making protecting that data a crucial exercise. Great data security involves a layered approach to defence. One of the first layers in that defence is strong passwords. However, many people still rely on weak and easily guessable passwords, such as ‘123456’, ‘password’, or ‘qwerty’. This sound familiar? Well, sorry, but you’re leaving yourself and your data vulnerable to attack.

Here are some practical tips to creating strong, robust and secure passwords:

Forgot your SOLID Password?

It happens. We get it and we’ve got you covered.

6 Best Practices For Implementing A Robust Password Policy

As an IT Manager, one of your many (many) responsibilities is to establish and manage a robust and effective password policy for your organisation. Easier said than done of course. Especially in an environment where staff have a variety of accounts for various tools and platforms that your organisation makes use of – most of which contain customer data.

We have had the same challenges ourselves and would like to share some insights and best practices.

How to Log a Support Request

Even the best of us need help sometimes. For answers that can’t be found on SOLID Help, this post has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to log a support request ticket.

How to Log a Support Request

Customer’s ‘Master Account’ is the entity created to identify each logical customer on the system. It presents sub-sets of customer data. This piece fills you in on what it all means.

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