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Good Morning,

Thank you for your survey feedback

Thank you very much to those who submitted their feedback to us through the SOLID 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey that we sent out during February. We’re grateful for your feedback to and will be sharing the results in next month’s ‘SOLID Source’.

🏆 Congratulations to our Survey Lucky Draw Winner – Reena Singh! Reena is an Accountant at MWEB. We hope you enjoy spending your R2,000 Takealot voucher Reena.

SOLIDitech's planned roadmap for 2023

We’re proud to announce the below planned roadmap for 2023. In addition to the below we’ll be responding to general market legislation, security updates and requirements:

  • SOLID Contractor mobile app for iOS (Q1)
  • SOLID AWS RDS support (Q1)
  • SOLID Automated NAS Configuration testing (Q1)
  • SSL Expiration and response time redundancy monitoring (Q1)
  • SOLID Build infrastructure upgrades & improved automated test overage (Q1)
  • SOLID File attachment real-time Ani-Virus Scanning (Q2)
  • SOLID Library Dependency Management platform upgrade (Q2)
  • SOLID Front-end Component framework upgrade: support for vue3 (Q2)
  • MySQL version upgrade support for 8.0 (Q3)
  • SOLID Java 11 platform upgrade (Q4)

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