SOLID Source | February 2024 | New Features, Roadmap and More!


If you’re anything like us, you’ve hit the 2024 ground running. It’s only the end of February and we’ve already got a bunch of cool stuff to share with you.

FEATURING: SOLID's Innovative Cloud Antivirus Scanner

Like your house, the most common entry points for Business Support System (BSS) security breaches are via the entrance. For you, these entrances are your public facing BSS customer portals, sign-up processes, login screens and the associated file uploads on these. Imagine if your BSS was smart enough to protect those entrances automatically? Well, now it is! SOLID’s Cloud Antivirus scans and protects your SOLID Business System from malicious end-point file uploads.

SOLID's Roadmap for 2024 and beyond

We’re thrilled to unveil the SOLID Roadmap for 2024, a blueprint of our innovative journey ahead.

Discover what’s in store for our tech landscape as we aim to elevate your experience and drive forward with cutting-edge solutions. Stay tuned for a year of ground-breaking developments designed with you in mind.

Meeting our Senior Management Team

Designed to be insightful and fun (what our brand is really all about) – this series is really a ‘the-people-behind-the-business’ type of thing. Please join me in getting to know our Senior Management Team a little more.

Next up we have… Paul Kariuki

Some Sexy SOLID Stats for February 2024

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