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Whether you’ve been with SOLID for a little or a long time, we’re really enjoying having you get to know us better with our ‘Meet our Management Team’ feature (Nadine is saying ‘Hi’ at the bottom of this mail).

One quirk of our team that’s in our SOLID-blue blood, is that we’re pretty single-minded when it comes to helping you ‘Supercharge’ your business. We’ve even got a big juicy burger on the front page of our website that shows you all the best bits (that go into both a burger, and our platform).

Obviously then, we’re deeply committed to continuously improving your lives (with our software, we can’t help with that next holiday you’re planning 😉). We’ve been working hard on some cool life-improving things like the ‘Data Table Archiving’ module and some SQL query tips. Both are highlighted in this Source edition. We hope you like them!

Reduce database storage consumption

Why? Reducing consumption creates a more efficient and reliable server, lowers operational costs and reduces the risk of a server crash – especially for lighter weight servers that don’t always have sufficient resources.

*New* SOLID Help Articles

Here’s a list of our most recently published SOLID Help articles: 

Run, Save & Export Queries

The Query Tool module allows you to compose and store ad-hoc SQL queries.

18 Questions with Nadine Wong Ho - Meet our Senior Management Team

Nadine is our Finance Manager. She is a brilliantly hard-working and uber dedicated Team member who is ALWAYS ready with a smile and gentle encouragement for anyone who needs it. She also secretly loves to rip up the dance floor 😉

Nadine likes to stay in the ‘background’ but we actually wouldn’t be able to function without her watchful eye and amazing attention to detail. This is the perfect way to get to know her a little better!

Her 18 questions went a little like this:

Some Sexy SOLID Stats for July 2023

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