SOLIDitech Hosts Frogfoot ISP Portal Training Workshops



On the 26th and 27th of January 2017 SOLIDitech hosted a series of training workshops in conjunction with one of our customers, Frogfoot.

Frogfoot Networks is a licensed ECNS provider of wholesale open access Fibre networks operating in South Africa.

SOLIDitech have been working with Frogfoot to develop an online portal that allows their customers to order and manage Fibre services through a number of online channels including an ISP Online portal and a set of REST-based web service APIs.

The ISP portal is fully integrated with the ‘SOLID’ BSS/OSS platform which SOLIDitech has developed for Frogfoot and, along with helping Frogfoot to support a fibre network with thousands of customer links, enables integrated package creation, order approvals and order tracking.

The ISP Portal training Workshops were designed to provide education and training to Frogfoot’s customers, ensuring that they are able to use the portal to its full potential to easily create and track orders through the Frogfoot system.

The workshops were hosted at SOLIDitech’s Cape Town and Johannesburg offices. All the sessions were well attended, highly constructive and enjoyed by all.