TeleYemen is Going SOLID

New Client


As a YahClick VSAT service provider with 8 offices across Yemen, TeleYemen was looking for a business automation solution that was able to integrate with YahClick’s product portfolio. Additionally, they needed a solution that would enable cross-office operations, and aid towards improving their Collections and Order Orchestration processes.

How SOLIDitech Can Help TeleYemen

SOLIDitech’s Business Automation Platform, SOLID, natively supports all YahClick Satellite Broadband services from within the platform itself. This enables TeleYemen to build and sell new SOLID YahClick products within 5 minutes.

Enabling cross-office operations will be achieved through leveraging the single database, SaaS (Software as a Service) design model that SOLID employs. SOLID is built from the database up, and consists of a series of abstract models for CRM, billing, service management, ticketing, workflow, reporting, auditing and security – all configured to suit your business rules and requirements.

Having each employee in each office who is able to view the same information through a single database (in real time) will drastically improve cross-office operations – allowing the various departments to work together in a far more integrated fashion.

As an end-to-end business operations automation solution, SOLID also automates Provisioning and Collections processes to drastically reduce manual processes, increase business data visibility, improve efficiency and consistency of service.

About TeleYemen


As a distinctive international telecom services provider, we are always keen to provide our customers with higher and state-of-the-art services and seek to add competence and modernization to our services at a suitable price for mass benefit and maximizing economic and social returns to the community.

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