As a South African ISP supplying a multitude of services such as phones, VoIP, ADSL, Fibre, APN’s and Diginet – XDSL was looking for an automation partner to help them streamline their installation and billing processes. XDSL also wanted to adopt a support ticketing solution to aid with customer service and internal processes, and a collections management tool that incorporated automatic bank reconciliations.

Enter… SOLID.

The SOLID Business Automation platform automates your business operations from end-to-end i.e. from Lead Management, through to Customer Management, Provisioning, Billing, Collections and Support.

Automation removes time-consuming and error-prone manual operations to bring about a streamlined and more efficient approach to business – helping XDSL achieve their efficiency goals.
About XDSL


XDSL is an Internet Solution Provider (ISP) with a difference, delivering dynamic solutions with the expertise you require and levels of service you deserve.We have developed strong relationships with carefully selected vendors and Tier 1 carriers, and a formidable network of business partners, which enables us to offer our customers enhanced solutions that other ISPs simply cannot match.

For more about XDSL, visit: http://xdsl.co.za/